Titles I J K

I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced- Nujood Ali
I Am Puppy, Hear Me Yap
I Capture the Castle- Dodie Smith
I, Freddy- Dietlof Reiche
I Love Gymnastics- Naia Bray-Moffatt
I Never Promised You a Rose Garden- Joanne Greenberg
I Raise My Eyes to Say Yes- Ruth Sienkiewicz-Mercer
I Went to the Woods - Ronald Austing
I Who Have Never Known Men- Jacqueline Harpman
I Wish Someone Had Told Me- Nina Barrett
Iceberg Hermit, The- Arthur Roth
Ice Bound- Jerri Nielsen
Ice Child, The - Elizabeth McGregor
Icebound Summer - Sally Carrighar
Identification Guide to Freshwater Tropical Fish- Frederick Pitcher
If Your Kid Eats This Book, Everything Will Still Be Okay- Zibners
Illusion, The (Animorphs #33)- K.A. Applegate
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Aquarium Fish- Dr. Stanislav Frank
I'll Give You the Sun- Jandy Nelson
Immaculate Deception II- Suzanne Arms
Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, The- Rebecca Skloot
Impatient Gardener, The- Jerry Baker
Impossible Knife of Memory- Laurie Halse Anderson
I'm Not Scared- Niccolo Ammaniti
In a Green Shade- Allen Lacy
In Africa with Schweitzer- Dr. Edgar Berman
In Calabria- Peter S. Beagle
In Deep- Maxine Kumin
In Defense of Food - Michael Pollan
In Love with Daylight- Wilfrid Sheed
In and Out of the Garden- Sara Midda
In the Hall of Small Mammals- Thomas Pierce
In the Herd- Jayne M. Silberman
In the Time of Dinosaurs (Megamorphs #2) - K.A. Applegate
In Praise of Slowness- Carl Honore
In Search of the Red Ape- John McKinnon
In the Company of Newfies -Rhoda Lerman
In the Garden with Van Gogh- Bober and Merberg
Indian Saddle-Up- Glenn Balch
Indian Summer - John Knowles
Indian Paint- Glenn Balch
Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes- Bill Watterson
Indoor Bonsai- Paul Lesniewicz
Indomitable Beast, An- Alan Rabinowitz
Infant Potty Training - Laurie Boucke
Infidel- Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Inheritors, The- William Golding
Inheritors of the Earth- Chris D. Thomas
Inkheart- Cornelia Funke
Inside of a Dog- Alexandra Horowitz
Intelligence of Dogs, The - Stanley Coren
Intensive Care- Davis and Schaefer (editors)
Intern - Doctor X
Into the Forest - Jean Hegland
Into the Wild - Erin Hunter
Into the Wild - Jon Krakauer
Into the Woods- Dan Jolley
Invasion, The (Animorphs #1)- K.A. Applegate
Inventing Motherhood- Ann Dally
Invention of Hugo Cabret- Brian Selznick
Invincible- Vince Papale
Invisible Ring- Anne Bishop
Irish Country Doctor, An- Patrick Taylor
Irish Red- Jim Kjelgaard
Irritable Hearts- Mac McClelland
Ishi: in Two Worlds- Theodora Kroeber
Island of the Loons- Dayton O. Hyde
Is There a Doctor in the Zoo? - David Taylor
Island of the Colorblind, The- Oliver Sacks
It's Not About the Bike- Lance Armstrong

Jack of Kinrowan- Charles de Lint
Jackdaws - Ken Follett
Jaguar- Alan Rabinowitz
James and the Giant Peach- Roald Dahl
James Herriot: the Life of a Country Vet- Graham Lord
Jane, the Fox and Me- Fanny Britt
Jayber Crow- Wendell Berry
Jhereg - Steven Brust
Jim the Boy- Tony Earley
Journey, The (Animorphs #42) - K.A. Applegate
Journey: the Amazing Story of OR-7- Beckie Elgin
Journey Home, The- Edward Abbey
Journey on the James- Earl Swift
Joust- Mercedes Lackey
Jungle Book Stories- Rudyard Kipling
Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business- Barbara Park
Junie B. Jones and Her Big Fat Mouth- Barbara Park
Junie B. Jones and Some Sneaky Peeky Spying- Barbara Park
Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus- Barbara Park
Junie B. Jones Loves Handsome Warren- Barbara Park
Julie- Jean Craighead George
Julie of the Wolves- Jean Craighead George
Julie's Wolf Pack- Jean Craighead George
Just a Dog- Helen Griffiths
Just Herb Gardening- Karen Kenny

Kanzi - Sue Rumbaugh
Karen- Marie Killilea
Kavik the Wolf Dog - Walt Morey
Keep the Aspidistra Flying - George Orwell
Keeper and Kid - Edward Hardy
Kenneth Grahame's The Reluctant Dragon- Robert San Souci
Killer Whales- Sara Heimlich and James Boran
Killing Keiko- Mark A. Simmons
Kingdom Under Glass- Jay Kirk
Kingdoms of Elfin- Sylvia Townsend Warner
Kite Runner, The - Khaled Hosseini
Kitchen Madonna, The- Rumer Godden
Kitty Cornered- Bob Tarte
Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, A- George R.R. Martin
Known World, The- Edward P. Jones
Knot in the Grain, A - Robin McKinley
Kon-Tiki- Thor Heyerdahl

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