May 18, 2012

Into the Woods

by Erin Hunter and Dan Jolley

Gah! That was my first thought on picking up this book. Because it doesn't have Bettina Kurkoski, but yet another illustrator, Don Hudson. Who was some improvement over the first guy, so I sighed and settled in to just enjoy the little tale. This one tells about a pet cat named Sasha who gets left behind when her elderly owner goes into a nursing home. Bereft, she wanders into the forest and makes a new home for herself there. Living in the forest is more thrilling and dangerous than she'd imagined. So when she meets some Clan cats, Sasha wonders if she should join them. Even after falling for the attractive leader Tigerstar, she still has her doubts. When she discovers that Tigerstar isn't quite what she thought him to be, she isn't sure what to do.

Rating: 2/5 ....... 112 pages, 2008

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