Dec 4, 2007

Kavik the Wolf Dog

by Walt Morey

Kavik the Wolf Dog is a great adventure story. Kavik (meaning "wolverine") is the leader of a winning sled dog team in Alaska. A rich man in California purchases him, but before leaving Alaska the plane carrying Kavik crashes. A young teenager finds him trapped in a cage in the snow, and determines to nurse him back to health. Then the rich man finds out where Kavik is, and claims him back. But Kavik has other plans, and makes the journey from California to Alaska to reunite with the boy who saved his life. Along the way he has to rediscover the courage he lost in the plane crash, or he'll never survive the rigors of the wild he must traverse, especially when he runs into wild wolves... Most of the story is focused on Kavik's journey back to Alaska. I first read this book when my grandparents gave it to me as a kid. It was and still is a favorite. Written for a juvenile audience.

Rating: 4/5              192 pages, 1968

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