My book ratings are not always based on how well a story is written but on my personal response, as follows:

5/5- What a fantastic book. I love it! If I had to cross the country again and could only pack one box of books to keep, these would be the ones. Every time I see a copy on a sale shelf, I compulsively want to buy it and give it away to someone. I will probably read it many times in my life, and enjoy it every one.

4/5- A great book! One I search out to add to my library, and have no reservations recommending. A great story that's well-written and satisfying, with wonderful characters. Or in the case of non-fiction, very informative but easy to read and really engaging. A book I definitely will want to read again someday.

3/5- A good book, but nothing fantastic. I liked it, but probably wouldn't go out and spend my money on it. I might not read it a second time. But I'd recommend it to anyone who wants a good book to read!

2/5- It was just okay. This book failed to interest, engage, inspire or amuse me. Or it was just dull. It disappointed me, and I can't really recommended it. Might be okay on its own merits, didn't work for me.

1/5- I didn't like it at all. A book I thought was very poor. I no longer have patience to force myself through a book I'm not enjoying or learning from; so books that would receive this rating are often just abandoned nowadays.

0/5- Abandoned. Not that I read half a dozen pages just to test it out. These are books I fully intended to complete, and made it through at least fifty (or a hundred) pages before I had to give up. That bad.