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Padwee, Howard- The Cat Who Couldn't See in the Dark
Page, Russell- Education of a Gardener
Palacio, R.J.- Wonder
Palacio, R.J.- Auggie and Me
Palmer, Suzanne- Thirty Three Percent Joe
Paolini, Christopher - Eragon
Papale, Vince- Invincible
Parfit and Chisholm- The Lost Whale
Park, Barbara- Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business
Park, BarbaraJunie B. Jones and Her Big Fat Mouth
Park, BarbaraJunie B. Jones and Some Sneaky Peeky Spying
Park, BarbaraJunie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus
Park, BarbaraJunie B. Jones Loves Handsome Warren
Parkhurst, Carolyn- The Dogs of Babel
Parry, James- The Mating Lives of Birds
Parry, Rosanne- Heart of a Shepherd
Patchett, Anne- State of Wonder
Patent and Bilderback- Garden Secrets
Paton, Alan- Cry, the Beloved Country
Patterson, Francine- The Education of Koko
Patterson, Katherine- The Field of the Dogs
Pattou, Edith- East
Patrick, Ted- The Thinking Dog's Man
Paul, Jim- Elsewhere in the Land of Parrots
Paulsen, Gary- Hatchet
Paulsen, GaryThe River
Paver, Michele - Wolf Brother
Pearce, Philippa- Tom's Midnight Garden
Pearson, Mary- The Adoration of Jenna Fox
Pearson, T.R- Seaworthy
Peck, Sylvia- Seal Child
Peet, Bill- Capyboppy
Peete, Holly Robinson- Get Your Own Damn Beer...
Pennypacker, Sara- Pax
Pepperberg, Irene- Alex and Me
Perényi, Eleanor- Green ThoughtsPerez, Monica- Roller Coaster
Peri, Camille- Mothers who Think
Perrine, Doug- Sea Turtles of the World
Perry, Donald- Life Above the Jungle Floor
Perry, Michael- Coop
Peterson, Dale- The Moral Lives of Animals
Peterson and Goodall- Visions of Caliban
Petroski, Henry- The Book on the Bookshelf
Petterson, Per- Out Stealing Horses
Pfetzer, Mark- Within Reach
Piatt, Jean- Adventures in Birding
Picoult, Jodi - My Sister's Keeper
Picoult, JodiThe Plain Truth
Pierce, Thomas- In the Hall of Small Mammals
Piers Paul Read - Alive
Pilkington, Doris- Rabbit-Proof Fence
Piley, John W.- Chaser
Pinkwater, Manus - Blue Moose
Pirsig - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Pitcher, Frederick- Identification Guide to Freshwater Tropical Fish
Pitcher, George- The Dogs Who Came to Stay
Pollan, Michael- The Botany of Desire
Pollan, MichaelIn Defense of Food
Pollan, MichaelThe Omnivore's Dilemma
Poole, Victoria- Thursday's Child
Popescu, Petru- Almost Adam
Porter, Gene Stratton- A Girl of the Limberlost
Potok, Chaim- Zebra and Other Stories
Prager, Ellen- Sex, Drugs and Sea Slime
Prendergast, Dorothy- The Wolf Hybrid
Prosek, James- Eels
Proulx, Annie- Brokeback Mountain
Pullman, Philip- The Golden Compass 
Pullman, PhilipThe Subtle Knife 
Pullman, PhilipThe Amber Spyglass 
Pundyk, Grace- The Honey Trail
Preston, Richard- The Wild Trees
Pruitt, William O.- Animals of the North
Pryor, Karen- Don't Shoot the Dog!

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