Jan 15, 2011

Mothers who Think

Tales of Real-Life Motherhood
edited by Camille Peri and Kate Moses

Another collection of true stories, on the focus of motherhood. This book really stands out from the others of its like that I've read. It has excellent writing, intelligent and thought-provoking subjects. Don't be put off by the title. It's not, as I first assumed, a book about moms that are "better" than the rest for some reason. Not a book about how to be a parent, but what it's like to be a parent. Mothers who Think is about moms who remain themselves, how they work parenting into every other aspect of their lives. The stories aren't sugar-coated nor are they complaining; most are painfully honest and have an emotional depth that will touch you in one way or another. Everything from difficult pregnancies to mothers struggling to raise their children alone, one with an autistic son who wants to play soccer. Mothers who deal with knowing their kids are miserable at school, who face loosing control when they're angry, who have to raise their children in bad neighborhoods, who go through a mess of issues in family court. There are stories of adoption, of loosing a child, of sibling rivalry and non-participant husbands. Some of the stories are sad, or laugh-out-loud funny, others just incredibly deep. I wish I had this book in my hands now to read it all over again. I remember at the time I even had my husband read three of the essays so we could discuss them. It's that good (usually he finds my parenting reads boring!)

Rating: 4/5 ..... 282 pages, 1999

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Jenny said...

Sounds good! But sad -- I feel like the story about the autistic son wanting to play soccer would break my heart.

Jeane said...

I don't remember that particular story being sad- I think it was mostly about how she wanted to let her son succeed on his own terms, and found a way to help him do that. If anything, it was inspiring!

Bookfool said...

I think it's great the way you're jumping into motherhood and childbirth reading. I did exactly the same thing when I was expecting mine, both times.