Nov 5, 2007

Blue Moose

by Daniel Manus Pinkwater

Okay, so I still read children's books now and then. They're fun. I found these on a booklist. Blue Moose is a silly story about a man who runs a restaurant in the middle of a forest in Canada. His business is failing until a big blue moose shows up who takes over the kitchen, introduces savoury new recipes, and learns to serve as a waiter. It's also got lots of odd and obscure facts about moose.

The Hoboken Chicken Emergency is just as silly: a kid Arthur goes to the store to get the family's thanksgiving dinner turkey and comes home with a 250 pound live chicken. He names her Henrietta and teaches her tricks. Then she escapes and runs wild in the neighborhood, causing lots of hilarious havoc. It's up to Arthur to figure out how to stop Henrietta the monster chicken! Both stories are short chapter books, suitable for young readers but well-written enough to appeal to adults who might like some amusement in wacky stories about animals.

Rating: 3/5                     47 pages, 1975


LisaMM said...

Those both sound really fun! I will have to look for those for my 8 year old.

Wanda said...

My daughter read Blue Moose last year and loved it!