Titles- T

Tails from the Bark Side- Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson
Tales from a Dog Catcher- Lisa Duffy-Korpics
Tales from Outer Suburbia- Shaun Tan
Tales from Watership Down- Richard Adams
Tales of an African Vet- Rey Aronson
Tales of Beedle the Bard- J.K. Rowling
Tales of Wonder- Jane Yolen
Talking to Animals- Barbara Woodhouse
Talking to Strangers- Malcolm Gladwell
Tall Blondes- Lynn Sherr
Tam Lin- Pamela Dean
Tapestry of Love, The- Rosy Thornton
Tapir Scientist, The- Sy Montgomery
Tarka the Otter - Henry Williamson
Tell Me Where It Hurts- Dr. Nick Trout
Tender Morsels- Margo Lanagan
Tess of D'Urbervilles- Thomas Hardy
Test, The (Animorphs #43) - K.A. Applegate
Tetras and Other Characins- Mark Phillip Smith
Their Eyes Were Watching God- Zora Hurston
There's a Rhino in the Rosebed, Mother- Betty and Jock Leslie-Melville
There's an Owl in the Shower- Jean Craighead George
These Is My Words - Nancy E. Turner
Thing with Feathers, The- Noah Strycker
Thinking in Pictures -  Temple Grandin
Thinking Dog's Man- Ted Patrick
Thirteen Moons- Charles Frazier
Thirteenth Tale, The- Diane Setterfield
Thirty Three Percent Joe- Suzanne Palmer
This Good Earth- Les Line
This Organic Life- Joan Gussow
Thistle & Co.- Era Zistel
Those of the Forest- Wallace Byron Grange
Those Who Hunt the Night- Barbara Hambly
Thousand Acres, A- Jane Smiley
Thousand Miles of Mustangin', A- Ben K. Green
Thousand Miles to Freedom, A- Eunsun Kim
Thousand Pieces of Gold- Ruthanne Lum McCunn
Thoughts While Tending Sheep -  W.G. Ilefeldt
Thread That Runs So True, The - Jesse Stuart
Threat, The (Animorphs #21) - K.A. Applegate
Three Cups of Tea- David Relin
Three-Legged Stallion, The- Kra Seigfried
Three Singles to Adventure- Gerald Durrell
Through Animals' Eyes- Lynn Marie Cuny
Through the Eyes of the Condor- Robert B. Haas
Through the Eyes of the Gods- Robert B. Haas
Through the Eyes of a Young Naturalist- William S. Sipple
Through Wolf's Eyes- Jane Lindskold
Thursday's Child- Victoria Poole
Tibet Wild - George Schaller
Tie That Binds, The - Kent Haruf
Tiger, The- John Vaillant
Tiger for Malgudi, A- R.K. Narayan
Tiger in the House, The- Carl van Vechten
Tiger Rising, The- Kate DiCamillo
Tigers: the Secret Life- Valmik Thapar
Tiger's Wife, The- Téa Obreht
Tigris Expedition, The- Thor Heyerdahl
Time Garden, The- Edward Eager
Time In Between, The- María Dueñas
Time It Never Rained, The- Elmer Kelton
Time Machine, The- H.G. Wells
Time Traveler's Wife, The - Audrey Niffenegger
Tipping Point, The - Malcolm Gladwell
To Catch the Lightning- Alan Cheuse
To Everything There is a Season- Thalassa Cruso
To Everything There is a Season - Dr. Alice Miller
To Say Nothing of the Dog - Connie Willis
Toilet Training without Tears or Trauma - Penny Warner
Tom's Midnight Garden- Philippa Pearce
Tortilla Curtain, The- T.C. Boyle
Touch Not the Cat- Mary Stewart
Trail of an Artist Naturalist- Ernest Thompson Seton
Trail of the Sandhill Stag- Ernest Thompson Seton
Transgender Teen, The- Stephanie Brill and Lisa Kenney
Trash Mountain- Jane Yolen
Trashed- Derf Backderf
Treasure Island - Robert Louis Stevenson
Treasury of Horses, The- Osborne and Johnson
Tribe of Tiger, The - Elizabeth Marshall Thomas
Triceratops and Other Horned Plant-Eaters- Virginia Schomp
Triumph of Seeds, The- Thor Hanson
Tropical Aquarium Fish- Andrews and Baensch
Tropical Fish- Stadelmann and Finley
Tropical Fish As Pets- Herbert R. Axelrod
Tropical Fishkeeping- Mary Bailey
Trout Reflections- David M. Carroll
Trowel and Error- Sharon Lovejoy
True Grizz- Douglas Chadwick
True Tails of Baker and Taylor- Louch and Rogak
Truth About Dogs, The- Stephen Budiansky
Tulipomania- Mike Dash
Turning Japanese- David Mura
Turquoise Dragon, The- David Rains Wallace
Turtle is Born, A- William White
Turtle Warrior, The- Mary Relindes Ellis
Two in the Bush- Gerald Durrell
Two Little Savages- Ernest Thompson Seton
Two Years Before the Mast- Richard Henry Dana
Tygrine Cat, The- Inbali Iserles

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