Jan 8, 2018


An Ode to the Crap Job of All Crap Jobs
by Derf Backderf

Slice-of-life story based on the short time the author spent working as a garbage collector. It shows how three twenty-something friends sweat day in and day out at a thankless job. They make digs at each other, groan about the disgusting nature of the work, speculate about local citizens due to what they throw on the curb (some of it shocking), and pitch their ears to gossip around the public service offices. And of course pick items out of the garbage to keep for themselves. Interspersed with the narrative are panels of facts on trash- how much we produce, how it is processed, where it all ends up. I'd like to hope these statistics aren't true- that we recycle more than it says, that conditions have improved in containing leachate contamination- but probably they haven't. Regardless, I enjoyed this book a bit more than the last one, and some of it was certainly eye-opening. It made made me chuckle quite a bit. But the humor is crude in lots of places, as you might expect. Reminded me quite a bit of that tv program, Dirty Jobs.

Borrowed from the public library.

Rating: 4/5            256 pages, 2015

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Stefanie said...

We tend to be out of sight out with mind when it comes to garbage but yeah, i believe it is a huge problem. And the amount of stuff people throw out! I put out one small kitchen bag of trash a week and some of my neighbors fill two huge garbage cans with bursting at the seams bags. Sounds like an interesting book about a job no one really appreciates.