Jul 29, 2009


the Secret Life
by Valmik Thapar

This excellent book about tigers in India follows the lives of three tigresses and their families, from the birth of the cubs through all stages of their development until they are fully grown and independent. Tigers: the Secret Life is full of fascinating and detailed information about tiger habitat, their hunting methods, impact on other wildlife, interactions with local villagers, and especially the daily habits and intimate social life of the great striped cats. In the course of his studies, Thapar discovered not only new info on how tigresses teach their young, but that male tigers can co-exist peacefully with the cubs and share in family duties. The book is written in an easy, storytelling style that makes it a pleasure to read, and the photographs are absolutely stunning. I am fairly certain that my copy of Tigers: A Secret Life is the same book as The Secret Life of Tigers, which is the more current edition. I think I prefer my older book, though, as listing details tell me that the newer edition has twenty photographs illustrating its pages, whereas my copy has photos on nearly every page, and they are so beautiful I wouldn't want to make do with less!

Rating: 4/5               160 pages, 1989

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Janet said...

We recently made a trip to the zoo, and the tigers were by far the favorite attraction. They were awake and playing in the water -- occasionally re-establishing their social hierarchy. Such powerful, majestic creatures.

Jeane said...

I once visited a zoo where the tigers had a water pool faced with glass- the trainer would throw meat pieces in and the tigers would dive after it- so cool to watch! they are so beautiful.