Aug 8, 2008

To Everything There is a Season

by Dr. Alice G. Miller

This is a book about a garden, written by a christian psychotherapist. It's mostly about gardening as a spiritual experience and journey of growth, as far as I can tell. I really liked the conversational tone, personal stories, and some of the quotes. There are lovely line drawings of plants decorating the pages, and a hand-drawn map of the author's extensive gardens in the back. It's the kind of look I'd like if I had so much land- mature trees forming a small woodland, ferny undergrowth, flowers for the butterflies, wandering paths.... but reading about it all became rather ho-hum. When I dropped it on the floor in a gesture of dismissal my husband asked about the book's premise. I told him (the first two sentences here) and he said in mild surprise: "and you thought that would be good?" I shrugged. It seemed so in the beginning, but turns out that To Everything There is a Season just isn't the book for me right now.

Abandoned                        163 pages, 2005

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