Jun 13, 2010

challenges update

It's halfway through the year, so I figured I should take stock of my reading challenges. I signed up for six this year- probably too many.

Random Reading Challenge - which ends this month! I've read 7 out of 10, so need to do three more. This challenge is really fun.

Non-Fiction Five- I've read one, and currently on another (Awakenings). That leaves three more by september. I know I've been reading lots of non-fiction already, but for this challenge I wanted to read the ones off my list particularly.

What An Animal III - read 4 out of 6

Dogeared Reading Challenge- read 7 of 10

TBR Challenge- read 4 of 12

Support Your Local Library Challenge- read 18 of 25

New Authors Challenge- only one!

So... I have to crunch to finish the Random one! The others I think I'm doing pretty well on, surprised at how much more I've been using the library, too! But I haven't been keeping track of new-to-me authors, so I might have read more than one book that counts for that one, not sure. Most of the books I've been reading so far have been non-fic though, and that challenge is supposed to be for fiction.

Are you doing any reading challenges? How's the progress?


  1. It's frightening to me that we're almost halfway through the year! Where the heck did all those other months go?

    Looks like you're making great progress on most your challenges! Good luck throughout the rest of the year. I'm only doing the two I host but I haven't managed to squeeze in any non-fiction yet. :/

  2. You're making great progress! I looked my list over a week or two ago and I'm not doing too bad. I still have 6 months to go so I'm feeling confident I'll finish most if not all...for now. :-)

  3. You're making great progress, Jeane. I finished one challenge and am only one book into the other (I committed to reading 5 total for that one). I'm hopeful though. There's a read-along for the challenge next month and that will put me up to two. :-)

  4. I'm super impressed with your progress. I'd say my challenges are going pretty well too. I'm getting in about 4 full length novels a month (which is very good for me!)


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