Jun 11, 2010

friday finds

This meme is hosted at Should be Reading. Here's the books I found this week that are going onto my TBR. Are any of them familiar to you?

An Unlikely Cat Lady by Nina Malkin -I think The Stay at Home Bookworm is my new favorite blog, because the Bookworm reads just as many animal books as I do! This one is about a woman who feeds feral cats. Right up my alley! (ha ha)

Ape House by Sarah Gruen- I liked Gruen's prior book about the depression-era circus, and this one looks even more interesting to me, about apes involved in a language experiment. I found out about it on Caribousmom's post about titles she picked up at BEA.

The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore by Benjamin Hale- another book about educated chimpanzees. This one caught my attention on The Book Lady's Blog.

Stuff  by Frost and Steketee- a book about compulsive hoarding and collecting of stuff. What caught my interest was that Superfast Reader said it showed her all the different reasons people keep their clutter: they find beauty in it or they're emotionally attached to each item, or other reasons. Sounds fascinating.

The Bucolic Plague by Josh Kilmer - Brought to my attention by Ready When You Are, CB. It's about two men from the city who buy a farm and try to create the idyllic country life.

Damp Squid by Jeremy Butterfield- a book about how language evolved. I always find these kind of books fascinating, if they don't bog me down. Found at Book Chase.

The Marrowbone Marble Company by Glenn Taylor- This never happened to me before, but it was Iron Inkling's Tuesday Teaser that piqued my curiosity about this book. I think I was first attracted to the striking cover. Then I had to go read reviews about it on Amazon. And now it's on my TBR.

The Solitary Summer by Elizabeth Von Arnim- I always loved Von Arnim's Enchanted April (must write about it one of these days, or better yet, re-read it!) so when I read just this morning on Nymeth's blog about her wonderful-sounding book that revels in a garden, I got all excited.

A Mango Shaped Space by Wendy Mass- I've only heard a little bit about synesthesia before, a condition where people see colors in association with letters and numbers. So this book looks really interesting to me. I read about it on Bookfoolery and Babble.

Bone from a Dry Sea by Peter Dickinson- When I raved about Eva and asked for more Dickinson recommendations, Sam kindly obliged. She mentioned Bone from a Dry Sea and The Seventh Raven. One is about the life of early hominids, and archeologists (fiction) the other is about kids putting on a stage performance who get caught up in a hostage situation. They both sound good!

The Flight of Dragons by Peter Dickinson- Then I went on Library Thing and looked for more Dickinson books. I found this one, which is supposedly the author's ideas on how dragons could really fly, if they did exist, and other biology facts about the mythical creatures. It sounds really intriguing, but also really hard to find (not in my library system. Out of print?).

The Dragon Whisperer by Lucinda Hare- another dragon book. Sounds like it has fantastic descriptions, and illustrations too! I read about this one at Wondrous Reads.

I get carried away with all my book lists- too many titles! And maybe next time I'll have enough energy to put cover images up too, which I always love. But for now, you just get a list to drool over. That is, drool if your taste in reading converges with mine.


  1. I really want Ape House too!

  2. You always choose the most interesting titles! The Marrowbone Marble Company (hope I got that right) is one that caught my eye, this week. I'll have to check out the blogger you said reads as many animal books as you do.

  3. You've got me curious about a few of these titles now! The Bucolic Plague isn't my usual type of read, but Softdrink and Lisa (Alive on the Shelves) got me interested in that one.

  4. I just discovered A Mango-Shaped Space this week. I need to track down a copy as it sounds terrific.

  5. Anonymous6/12/2010

    A Mango Shaped Space caught my eye, too. Good choice. :-D

  6. I'm really hoping that Sarah Gruen's new book is as good as Water for Elephants.

  7. Betty K6/15/2010

    I love connections that come along when you are a reader. Grandson #1 and I ordered mango flavored lemonade one day, and he said 'everything is a little better with mango'. I was trying to name a quilt and decided on "Mango Hearts" - good name. Two days ago I stopped at a Lily Farm and found a day lily named - you got it - Mango! And now a book titled 'A mango shaped space'? Where will it end? (Love your blog, great ideas.)

  8. Anonymous6/15/2010

    Looks like you found some really interesting ones. Ape House is on my list, too.

  9. My Reading Partner, after watching an interview with the author, has been telling me a lot about this upcoming Sara Gruen book, Ape House. I have already been watching for it in the stores but have not seen it. We enjoyed her other book Water For Elephants, and look forward to reading this one when it is available.
    Gruen has put a lot of research into this new work. And I typically very much enjoy books that employ animals as characters!

  10. Glad you liked my recs! Just wanted to correct you on your pronoun, though. :) (No worries, it happens all the time.)

    I'd be curious what you think of the books, if you read them.


  11. So very sorry! I've gone and fixed it now. Don't know when I'll get to the books, but I'm sure you'll know.

  12. Anonymous7/04/2010

    I've always been afraid to read Water for Elephants. I was hoping to see Ape House at ALA, but I didn't run across it. I think someone mentioned a different book about synesthesia, but I can't remember what it was!


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