Jun 10, 2010

dogeared progress

Here it is June, and I've only read one more tattered book. It was the worst of the lot, so far (in terms of condition). My copy of The Golden Book of Wild Animal Pets is so worn its spine was falling off. I actually had to do a little repair with glue to make it readable, and even then turn the pages very carefully. Here's a few photos of what it was like after the fixing:

Even the untorn corners were quite a bit bumped. This book is rather old, but also looked well-used! (I imagine some little boy toting home frogs in his pocket and wiring together cages for critters to his mother's dismay)

Has anyone else read a dogeared book for May or June? Leave links to your reviews in the comments, if you're participating in my challenge. (It's not too late to sign up!)


  1. Aw, that book must have been well-loved. :) I swear that even the tattiest of the books I've encountered this year have been at worst slightly shabby. Nothing even close to this one!

  2. Sorry, I haven't read any dog-eared books recently. I keep being tempted by library books and shiny new ones. All my shabby books are still sitting on the shelf unloved :-(

  3. It's been a while since I've read a dog-eared book but I do love collecting them. There's something so special about a well-loved book--even if it's one that's too fragile to read again!


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