Aug 6, 2013

Star of the Sea

by Linda Haldeman

Linda Haldeman wrote one of my very favorite books, The Lastborn of Elvinwood (Which I will write about here someday, putting it off because what I really want to do is read it again!) Over the years I've looked hopefully for more of her books but discovered finally that she only wrote three.This is the last one I found and read. It's just as intriguing and original as her others, but did not quite captivate me like the other two. And it's been long enough that unfortunately I do not remember much about it, at this point. I do know it's about a girl in a religious school (Catholic?) and there is something about a statue of the Virgin Mary. I have a vague impression of an unhappy, lonely girl (perhaps picked on, or neglected?) who fixates on the statue as being able to solve her problems with a miracle, and in the end there was a scene on a cliff, and a fall from a great height... but it's really all a muddle. Have any of you read this little-known book? can you remind me more about it? I'm wondering if I should trouble to look for it again...

Rating: 3/5  ........  182 pages, 1978

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