Aug 7, 2013

books that caught my eye

The Eighty Dollar Champion by Elizabeth Letts- Across the Page
Tiger Lily by Jodi Ann Anderson- It's All About Books
Pandora's Lunchbox by Melanie Warner- It's All About Books
A Gift Upon the Shore by M.K. Wren- The Lost Entwife
The Breakaway by Michelle Davidson Argyle - It's All About Books
Openly Straight by Bill Kongigsburg- Stuff as Dreams are Made On
The Bohemian Love Diaries by Slash Coleman- Bookfoolery
Everybody Has Everything by Katrina Onstad- Bookfoolery


  1. Oh yay :D I'm glad I could put Openly Straight on your wishlist!! It's such a great book :) And Nancy put Bohemian Love Diaries on my wishlist too :)

  2. They all look good to me!

  3. Just read Pandora's Lunchbox a month ago. It's very good. Prepare to be horrified though. Read Gift Upon the Shore ages ago and really loved it. A wonderfully bookish book.

  4. Stefanie- I was horrified enough reading the review that Stefanie wrote! Not sure I can face this book yet. It will probably make me more determined to change my eating habits.


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