Aug 10, 2013

Frank and the Tiger

by Dev Ross

This is an easy-reader book my toddler picked out at the library. It has a feature I haven't come across in picture books before; each spread has one side for the parent to read, and on the second page much simpler text for the child to read. My daughter isn't old enough to participate in this way, but I think it's a great idea to get kids involved. The book is about two little friends, a frog and a mouse, who hear a boy calling for his lost tiger. The frog wants to find the tiger and return it to the boy; the mouse is afraid to meet a tiger. It turns out the tiger is just a stuffed toy, but the mission of returning it isn't quite so easy. A dog snatches up the tiger and the pair of friends must try and get it back. When they finally return the toy to the boy, his reaction isn't quite what they expected!  I like the story, but the pictures leave a little something to be desired. The boy is drawn a bit awkwardly and the frog's face looks odd to me as well. But that's a small complaint. My toddler certainly likes this book well enough. It's one of the longest storylines she'll sit through yet.

Rating: 3/5 ........ 41 pages, 2012

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