Aug 25, 2013

another belated

Dogear Diary is now six years old!
Once again, I missed my blogiversary. It was august 19th.

So what's the status of this blog? Well, I'm still here even though I'm preoccupied nowadays. I don't read as much as I used to, nor participate with all the social media stuff, but I think you've all recognized that by now.

I don't think this blog will ever die, as long as I'm still reading (and that's a lifelong passion!) If anything, it will quietly go back to what it was in the first place: simply a location to note down my thoughts on books, and keep track of what I've read. At some point that author/title index is going to get unwieldy; I've been thinking of how to make that function better- perhaps a separate page for each letter? or an anchor link at the head of the index page... ?

But I digress. I'm sorry for the silence from my little corner of the blogging world. It's easy to get burned out at six years, especially when the rest of your life gets busier. I might slow down, but I'm not close to quitting yet!


  1. Happy blogoversary, Jeanne! It's strange, but I keep missing mine too - all September every year I think I will remember, and then the first week or two of October fly by and I find I've missed it again. So long as we keep blogging because we like it - and like you, I've found that it goes back to being about books, what I'm reading and enjoying.

    What kind of 'cake' are you having today?? :-) lol better late than never! Happy 6 years, Jeanne. It's been a pleasure to get to know you through the years.

  2. Happy bloggiversary!

  3. Happy belated Bloggiversary, Jeane!

  4. Happy late birthday! I don't think I've ever done anything to celebrate my blog birthday, apart from think slightly wistfully about how many things have happened in my life since I started the blog.

  5. It's been a wonderful six years and I look forward to the next six :) Like I posted, I think we all just need to adjust as time goes on....but I like that we still go on :)

  6. Happy blogiversary! Six years is great and it is only natural to get tired from time to time. I hope you celebrate with a new book or two or three or...


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