Oct 21, 2007

What the Dog Did

Tales From a Formerly Reluctant Dog Owner
by Emily Yoffe

I call What the Dog Did a great book not because it's great literature but because I really enjoyed reading it, and I'd probably pick it up to put in my library if I saw it in a bookstore. It's about a cat-owner's induction into the world of dog lovers. Not just any dog lover, it turns out, but those specific to beagles. She goes from being the unwilling owner of a stray and neurotic beagle to participating heavily in a beagle rescue group and fostering rescued beagles who are waiting for homes. I learned a lot about the temperament of beagles, field hunting trials and why they can make difficult pets. It was amusing to read about the general adventures and mishaps in the life of a dog owner and all the different people and dogs she met. A good book if you're fond of dogs or want a laugh.

Rating: 4/5                 258 pages, 2005

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