Oct 29, 2007

The Dogs Who Found Me

What I've Learned from Pets Who were Left Behind
by Ken Foster

Most of us probably don't notice a stray dog wandering on the street, or care when neighbors move away and don't take their dog with them. Not Ken Foster. He notices when lost dogs are in need, and takes them in, regardless of the inconvenience. In this heartwarming and frankly presented book, Foster tells of his experiences rescuing dogs off the street, caring for them and trying to find them homes. Many of them are pit bulls or similar breeds, so he addresses some of the issues with those types of dogs. Interspersed with the narrative are some helpful and sometimes wryly sarcastic lists on topics like "how to loose your best friend" (a dog), "how to read a dog" and "how to prepare for the unexpected" (disasters, as Foster discusses impacts of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina on his life and the dogs). There is a lot of good advice on how to deal with strange dogs and negotiate rescues and re-homing. The Dogs Who Found Me is a very interesting book, with many particularly apt observations on the human/dog relationship in the modern world.

Rating: 4/5                      194 pages, 2006

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