Oct 2, 2007

Pilgrim At Tinker Creek

by Annie Dillard

This is a book of wonder. It is a poetic, lyrical wandering into nature. The author takes your hand and shows you all the marvels and unseen things that happen practically under your nose. Every minute detail and occurrence that you would never see on your own is brought to light. She follows the turning of the seasons and the life cycles of small creatures, most of them insects. She explores the intricate web of nature, displaying how beautiful and often inexplicable it can be. There is also some examination of people and their impact on or relation to the natural environment. Dillard sees things how they are and does not shy away from moments of death or brutality. There is some humor here as well. It can seem to wander at times, but always circles back to the topic of nature. Mostly it is fantastic descriptive writing: the brilliant metaphors and figurative language paint a very vivid picture in the reader's mind. A veritable pleasure to read and experience.

Rating: 4/5        304 pages, 1975


  1. Jeane,

    I like reading your comments about this book. It is one that I have been thinking about reading. I am ready to read it as soon as I finish with Geingus Kahn.

    Will you do a review of the 'Poison Wood Bible' and 'Wicked' for me? I am interested to see how you review these books as they are both ones that I have read and enjoyed.

  2. Thanks. I think you'll really like "Pilgrim At Tinker Creek". Sure, I'll review those two. I really liked them both as well. Coming soon!


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