Oct 11, 2007

Creature Comforts

The Adventures of a City Vet
by Stephen Kristick, D.V.M. and Patty Goldstein

Experiences of a vet in New York City's ASPCA and the overnight emergency department of the Animal Medical Center. Also some snippets of his first job cleaning cages in a private New England practice, a short stay in another private clinic in a quiet suburb, and Boston's Angell Memorial Animal Hospital. Most interesting are the personalities of the owners described in the book: homeless people, crazy men, little kids, Mafia members, college students and lonely housewives. He even makes a visit to an Iranian princess with a pet pigeon on a ship- the only superfluous chapter in the book (there wasn't much about animals and I don't think the pigeon was even sick). A large part of the story is about how Dr. Kritsick became interested in veterinary practice, events that altered the course of his career, his pursuit of women, and office politics in the various practices. Creature Comforts doesn't approach the level of James Herriot, but it comes pretty close. My favorite parts were the chapter about the snakes and the woman who "didn't know that boy dogs have titties." I laughed so hard.

Rating: 3/5                   250 pages, 1983

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