Oct 1, 2007

Fox Farm

by Eileen Dunlop

Fox Farm is a lovely little book. The main character is Adam, a young boy who is living with a foster family on a rundown farm in England. Although his foster brother is quite amiable and wants to help him, Adam doesn't want to have anything to do with his new family. He is deliberately rude and unfriendly. But when the two boys discover a fox cub and try to raise it in secret, they have to work together and reluctantly become friends. When the little Foxy is threatened by a flood, the boys have to face revealing it to their family- with a surprising result. This story has a bit of a mystery woven into it as well, regarding an old rich family that lives nearby, and rumors of a curse that lingers on the land.

I believe this book is out of print.

Rating: 3/5                160 pages, 1987

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