Aug 9, 2013

A Dog's Life

by Peter Mayle

Humorous observations on the life of a suburban french dog. Well, he didn't start out as a suburban dog. He was abandoned by his first owner and lived some time as a stray, suffering kicks at worst, neglect at best. After fending for himself on the streets, he gets adopted by a writer and life is suddenly better, albeit confusing at first. The dog must learn to get along with his new human's many quirks, finding himself delighted (balls to chew on) puzzled (scoldings at rolling in smelly things) and appalled at turns (baths, particularly). He becomes adept at the art of appeasing angy or frustrated owners (whom he refers to as "The Management"), has constant run-ins with cats and handymen (or was it a plumber?) and repeatedly attempts to woo a female dog that lives next door. It's a funny little book stuffed with sarcastic humor and all sorts of witty little pokes at our own habits, as you would expect of a story told from the dog's viewpoint. I believe the author was portraying himself as the dog's owner. The scrawly illustrations add an extra bit of charm and amusement.

Rating: 3/5 ........ pages, 1995

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bermudaonion said...

I like Mayle's humor so I bet I'd like this.

Jeane said...

It's the only book of his I ever read! Which others would you recommend?