Jul 13, 2008

Abel's Island

by William Steig

This wonderful little book is about a sophisticated city mouse who gets lost on an island during a storm. He's stranded there for an entire season before finding a way to escape and return home. Abel is a rather pompous, silly creature, but he can also be very thoughtful and resourceful. He learns to survive, to make do, and live very close to nature. Think Robinson Crusoe meets Charlotte's Web and you'll have a good idea of this book's character. I enjoyed reading it; the humor and language are quite appealing to adults even though Abel's Island is written for children. It even surprised me at times: the scene where the mouse tries to "send mind messages" to his beloved wife back home (who he never stops thinking about) or the one where he makes voodoo against an owl, made me pause for a moment. But then I just laughed and continued reading! And of course William Steig's illustrations are an indispensable part of this book's charm. I never would have read this book except it happens to be one of husband's childhood favorites, and he kept urging me to read it. Now I urge you to read it as well!

Rating: 3/5 ........ 177 pages, 1976

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