Jul 14, 2020

american gothic

Been a long time but I had some relaxing hours doing a 500-piece jigsaw today. It's a Springbok puzzle of the famous painting by Grant Wood, American Gothic. I wondered at first why I had kept this one all these years- it's a rather easy picture. Then I remembered- the cut shapes are really different and varied, some of the standard types have little variations like knobs with tiny divots in them
and some pieces that you'd expect to be interlocking, aren't- until the other pieces around them are fitted in. This on an edge!
So that made it rather fun. Here's the assmembly sequence. (Click to view larger)


  1. Nice puzzle and not that easy I suspect. I think I've seen this one on the Facebook jigsaw puzzle group I follow. I'm curreently doing a 3,000 piece snowscene.

  2. Mmmm, that was satisfying. This looks like a really fun one!

  3. Know what's crazy? I said to my husband yesterday: "Can you believe It's been about a year since I've done a puzzle". Then I looked at the last one I posted on the blog- which was completely July 14, 2019. Exactly a year ago!


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