Jul 12, 2010

A Wolf in the Family

by Jerome Hellmuth

This is an older book that I found once because it was mentioned in another about wolves, and looked for at the library. Written in the same era as Captive Wild and Never Cry Wolf, when people still assumed a wolf was vicious by nature, this family proved such notions wrong by raising a wolf in their household with their young children. Of course the wolf's behavior differed in many aspects to a dog's, but the Hellmuths showed that by treating the wolf with respect, kindness and patience, the animal could live harmoniously among them and be trusted. It's been years since I actually read the book, so I can't recall any details, but I remember it being interesting and well-written in a friendly style, and I'd like to read it again if I can ever hunt down a copy. If you're interested in wolf behavior or canines in general, it's a pretty good read about a personal experience with wolves (if perhaps a bit outdated).

Rating: see my later review....... 186 pages, 1964

anybody else read this book?


  1. Oh wow! This post rocks! My daughter is in love with all things wolf, and I bet she would just go crazy over this book. Thanks for sharing this. I had never even heard of this book before, and now I am off to find a copy for her summer reading! Thanks!

  2. I hope you can find it for her! It's an older book and may be out of print.

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  4. Oh wow! This sounds really cool...I hope I can track down a copy of this one...sounds awesome :)


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