Jul 16, 2010

friday finds

 I found a lot of books to add to my never-ending TBR this week, so I'll keep this brief. For more details on the books, follow the links which go to the review that inspired me to add the book to my list!

The Half Mammals of Dixie by George Singleton- short stories, Bermudaonion makes them sound fabulous, even to someone who doesn't read many short stories (like me).

Hope for Animals and Their World
by Jane Goodall- essays about how Goodall and her colleages are working to save endangered species. Seen on Ardent Reader.

Still Life: Adventures in Taxidermy by Melissa Milgrom- all about the art of taxidermy, and the people who create it. Read of on Caroline Bookbinder.

City Chicks by Patricia Foreman- how to keep chickens in the city! I actually found this title in a roundabout way following links, but it all started here at Debi's blog.

Backyard Homestead by Carleen Madigan - an inspiring-sounding book about how to grow produce and raise barnyard critters in a small space (your backyard). Found via Debi again.

The Birth of Love by Joanna Kavenna- it's been years since I read books on childbirth, but this one sounds so intriguing- Farm Lane Books showed me this one.

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin- okay, self-help books on happiness? Not something I usually read- but what can you do when Raych recommends it so wholeheartedly? Add to list!

A World Without Bees by Brian McCallum- examines what could be behind the mysterious ailments causing bee populations crashes all around the world- and how it will impact us if they all disappear. Scary. This one from the Stay at Home Bookworm.

Seedfolks by Paul Fleischman - a girl in a downtrodden neighborhood plants bean seeds in a vacant lot- inspiring her neighbors to start gardening too, and the whole community blossoms (in more ways than one). I can't wait to read this one! from Chris.

The Dirt Riddles
by Michael Walsh- poetry about rural life. It was the poem of running past cornfields on The Black Sheep Dances that caught my eye. I don't read much poetry but want to try this one.

Critical Care by Theresa Brown- what the daily grind is like for a nurse in an oncology ward. From At Home with Books.

Feed by M.T. Anderson- dystopian YA of a world where everyone's brain is wired into the internet- Things Mean a Lot.

Beowulf on the Beach by Jack Murnighan- a guide to classical literature that sounds funny and illuminating all at once- Books and Movies.

This meme is hosted by Should Be Reading. What new interesting titles did you discover this week?


  1. A lot of the books that you have on that list have recently been added to mine as well. It seems we have a bit of the same taste in literature :) Happy reading to you!

  2. I was visiting to check out your finds and pleasantly surprised to see one from my site!

    The Goodall book looks interesting. I'm not sure if I'd find the taxidermy book fascinating or disturbing. :)

  3. That is a lot of Friday finds!!

    I hope that you enjoy The Birth of Love as much as I did :-)

  4. I am thinking of picking up The Happiness Project myself! I am not the biggest self-help person, but I read several of Rubin's Happiness Project blog posts a while ago and thought they were great!

  5. You have found some awesome books this week :D I do so hope you read Seedfolks. And doesn't The Backyard Homestead look so awesome??? I want that one so badly!

  6. Great finds! I hope you enjoy The Half-Mammals of Dixie if you snag a copy of it.

  7. Oh, I bet you will absolutely love Seedfolks! I hope so anyway! :D And now I'm going to have to look for City Chicks! And A World Without Bees--even though I know it's going to be totally depressing.


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