Aug 13, 2009

an update

It has just come to my attention that I made a mistake with my DogEar Reading Challenge. I was not aware that I can't put up more than one Mr. Linky at a time, so my first one got taken down. I'm going to remove the Aug review-links post and reinstate the Mr. Linky on the sign-up post. At the end of the challenge, there will be a wrap-up post where you can leave a link to your own wrap-up and tell us of all the books you read, in the comments. Sorry for all the confusion! I hope this works out okay for everyone.

Edit 8/14/09
I have upgraded my mister linky account, so that should fix things. If anyone else has a problem signing up, please leave a comment or email to let me know. If the mister linky isn't working (or you don't have a blog), you can always just leave a comment on the signup post to let me know you're joining in! Sorry for the little mess, I'm still learning as I go!

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