Aug 24, 2009

Black and Blue Magic

by Zilpha Keatley Snyder

I must have first read this book some fifteen years ago, and the story has still stuck with me. It's about a lonely boy who gets a magic potion that makes him grow wings. Each night he sneaks out of the house to go flying- at first just learning how to do so safely, then exploring, and finally seeking ways to help strangers- when he's often mistaken for an angel. Of course it's not all fun and games- foggy nights are wet and cold, it's hard to find something suitable to wear while flying, and he's constantly worried about being found out. Black and Blue Magic is a really good story, one I want to read yet again someday.

Rating: 3/5                   196 pages, 1967


  1. Sounds precious! I will put it on the "read to the kids" list!

  2. Oh my--I envy your ability to remember what you read 15 years ago! Part of me couldn't even tell you what I read last month. :(

  3. I love her books. I read Black and Blue magic in 5th or 6th grade... so roughly 25 years ago. I keep meaning to re-read it but haven't yet.

  4. Oh ma gosh! I'd forgotten about that book. I remember loving that book as a kid. I need to get a copy and re-read it. Thanks for the flashback!

  5. Wow, this sounds like a wonderful read for both my daughter and I, and from the year I was born too!

    Thanks for bringing this one up. I have an award for you here.

    * My word verification is "budgi", not spelled right but still rather appropriate for your blog. * :)


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