I am mommy to two girls and one cat. When I'm not busy taking care of them, I like to read and hunt for books. I also enjoy creating art, gardening, cooking and doing jigsaw puzzles. We live on the East Coast with a small vegetable garden, rooms full of plants and over nine hundred books. I am passing my love of reading on to my kids.

This blog began as a place to remember the books I've read, and write a little bit about them. I read lots of nonfiction and books about animals; wildlife studies, natural history, gardening, etc. I also enjoy fantasy, fiction, some classics, sci-fi, occasionally YA and juvenile fiction as well. Most of the posts on this blog are about books I've just read, labeled Current Reads. Posts about books I read before I started blogging are labeled Past Reads. I've kept a reading log with brief notes over the last six years. On average I read something between 50-70 books a year.

Some older posts have a link to the book on Amazon or Powell's, where if you click through and purchase a book, I receive a small commission (5 - 7%). The affiliate links do not influence my opinion in any way. Nobody pays me to write here. My opinions on books can also be found on Library Thing.

The dogear in my blog title has nothing to do with dogs (although I do read plenty of books about them). It refers to dogeared pages. I acquire lots of used books which can be quite worn (sometimes I sit and unfold every single dogear and smooth out the corners) but they still get read and loved.

At this time I am NOT accepting review copies from publishers or authors. I do not do author interviews, guest posts or tours on my blog. I just read the books, and write what I think about them (this includes the ones I don't particularly like).

However if you would like to contact me use email-  jeanenevarez (insert the at symbol) gmail (dot) com.