Jul 27, 2010


Animal Prey
by Sandra Markle

I'm in kind of an easy-animal-book-reading spate. I picked up a small armload of them at the library last time and find they make enjoyable quick reads when I need a break from the more tedious and brain-aching book Plenitude.

Anyhow, this one is about zebras. The focus is on them as prey animals, so although the storyline mostly follows one little zebra's life from birth through his first migration and into adulthood, a lot of it is about how the zebras avoid predators. It is illustrated what strategies they do (or don't) have against lions, cheetahs and crocodiles. Sometimes the zebras escape, others aren't so lucky. You might want to look at the book yourself first if you're considering reading it to a younger or more sensitive child. One zebra is shown with gaping, bleeding wounds on its side from a lion attack, another is shown getting killed, then eaten by scavengers. Facts of life, but maybe a bit too graphic for some. Overall the book is really informative and the photos are spectacular.

Rating: 3/5 ........40 pages, 2007


Coffee and a Book Chick said...

Yeesh, not sure about the gaping wounds on a zebra from a lion attack for even just me! But, I'm always looking for recommendations for my nephew and niece so I'm going to check this out and take your advice and read through it first! Although my nephew and niece are much tougher than me...! :)

Anonymous said...

My daughter actually would be perfectly fine with the photos, even when she was younger. She can be a little frightening.

bermudaonion said...

I'm 51 and I don't like seeing those things, even though I know they're a necessary part of life.

Alyce said...

I can definitely tell from the description that I wouldn't check this one out for my boys. I'm with Kathy - I know it's part of life, but even I'd rather not see it.