Jan 31, 2011

A Dog's Book of Truths

by Nancy LeVine and Joseph Duemer

Here's a book I picked up at a library discard sale once, and never read until just yesterday. It's a beautiful tribute to one woman's two beloved dogs (Australian shepherds). Exquisite black-and-white photographs are paired with thoughtful, poetic sentiments on how dogs view and experience the world (text by Duemer).  It's one of those books you could read in ten minutes but spend much longer lingering over the pictures and pondering the prose. My favorite passages:

Dogs make little of our music, but scent is as obscure to us.

Dogs know the world cannot be described from any one position- that everything must be explored by many circumnavigations.

Because they do not read the future, common wisdom says dogs know nothing of death, that it takes them by surprise- but the seriousness with which they watch the night come on is rich with knowledge of the dark.

On LeVine's website you can view some of the photographs from the book

Rating: 4/5 ........ 96 pages, 2002

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