Mar 26, 2010

The Dogs Who Came to Stay

by George Pitcher

Two middle-aged men, university professors and housemates, found a pregnant stray dog hiding under their backyard toolshed. Although they didn't want the responsibility of pets, they didn't have the heart to oust the dog, and let her stay. She was feral and unapproachable, but eventually they managed to gain her trust and took in the mother dog and one of her puppies (the rest were found new homes). The dogs became an inseparable part of their lives, changing them forever. The Dogs Who Came to Stay is a heartwarming true story; alternately humorous and sad, and deeply emotional. Following the slowly unfolding relationship between the men and their dogs, from the first overtures of trust, to travels together, and tending them in their old age, makes an engaging read. Photographs and drawings illustrate the story nicely.

Rating: 3/5 ........ 176 pages, 1995


  1. That does sound like a marvelous story. It doesn't take an animal long to become part of the family.

  2. Wow. I never think I want a pet that badly, but even just reading a review of a story like this gets me choked up. Cannot wait for a time in my life when things will be stable enough for me to get a dog.

  3. Adding this to my must read dog book list!frade


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