Mar 22, 2008

How To Steal A Dog

by Barbara O'Connor

My curiosity was perked when I saw this book mentioned online somewhere. Spotted it at the public library, brought it home and read it one night in the bathtub (the best reading spot in my apartment. Hot water must be included). How To Steal A Dog is about Georgina's issues with her family's homelessness, and her determination to change their situation. Her father's abandoned them, they've been evicted and are living out of a car while their mother struggles with two low-paying jobs, trying to save enough to get a new place to live. Georgiana is highly embarrassed and frustrated by their situation. One day she sees a lost-dog sign and makes up a plan to steal someone's dog, then collect the reward money. But her plan doesn't unfold smoothly, and she continually runs up against her conscience. Faced with the question: is it okay to do something wrong in dire circumstances? Georgina learns some powerful lessons about honesty, friendship, and that money isn't everything.

Rating: 3/5            Published: 2007, pp 170


  1. agree with your fav reading spot but I like to add bubbles also

  2. O yes bubbles are nice but I haven't used any in so long I forgot to mention them!

  3. Anonymous3/23/2008


  4. I can never bring myself to read in the tub...I'm too scared to drop the book!

    This sounds like a thought-provoking book that makes some very good points.

  5. Anonymous3/23/2008

    The last time I got in the bathtub I had two kids in there with me and a husband hanging over the side!

  6. Some books are definitely too valuable or heavy to risk reading in the tub! A tray across the tub is very useful (it can hold snacks, too!)

  7. I really like this book it teaches a good lesson: Be successful in life so you can have a house, Family, and happiness.

    -Marcello :)

  8. Anonymous5/09/2009

    Love this book for many reasons. I love the ethical dilemma – Is it OK to do something wrong if you’re intentions are good? Also, I think it's great for kids to read about a child that has so very little. It's a great opportunity for kids to count their blessings.

  9. Anonymous3/11/2011

    I really loved this book, I read it to my 4th grade class and the lessons in the text were priceless. We read this book in September and they are still talking about it in March.


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