Mar 20, 2008

All the Wild Horses

Preserving the Spirit and Beauty of the World's Wild Horses
by Dayton O. Hyde

Essays on various groups of wild horses around the world- the familiar (to me) Western mustangs, ponies of Chincoteague and Dartmoor, and less familiar horses of the Namib Desert, French Carmargue, and the Sorraia, Pryor Mountain and Kiger mustangs. There are chapters on the history of wild horses and the controversy surrounding wild horse protection, conservation and management. Most interesting I found was a comparison of the behavior of wild horses and their zebra cousins. And a wonderful, lyric account of how the horses experience a year at Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, which was founded by the author.

All the Wild Horses is a beautiful book with absolutely stunning photographs. One I definitely want adorning my coffee table someday.

Rating: 4/5             Published: 2006, pp 208

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