Mar 23, 2008

Emergence: Labeled Autistic

by Temple Grandin and Margaret M. Scariano

I first read about Temple Grandin in her book Thinking in Pictures. Years later I stumbled across this one, and was eager to read more. Here Grandin describes parts of her childhood and how she made her way through school. Emergence is not as detailed or involved as Thinking in Pictures, being more of a summary of her youth. She describes memories of being teased by other children, confused by their actions, and the reasons and feelings behind her own unusual behavior. She talks about teachers who mentored her, and how her own internal symbolism enabled her to make goals and finish high school and college (a rare achievement for an autistic person). Included in this short book are letters by Grandin's psychiatrists and teachers (written to her mother), which give a different point of view; facts and data about autism, and the original checklist Grandin's mother filled out about her behavior when she was diagnosed. As it stands alone, this book can feel rather incomplete and brief. But read in conjunction with Thinking in Pictures, it completes the story, adding many new insights and details of this extraordinary woman's life.

Rating: 3/5                 Published:1986, pp 180


  1. Anonymous3/26/2008

    I heard Grandin speak on NPR when I was still living the states and I enjoyed what she had to say - the interview was in conjunction with her book Thinking in Pictures. I plan to read her sometime this year.

  2. I used to listen to NPR. I would have liked to hear that interview; what year was it? Probably before I had read her books!


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