Jan 12, 2008

Treasure Island

by Robert Louis Stevenson

I got to page 110. I don't know why this one lost me. I did like Stevenson's Kidnapped, and Treasure Island is more famous, but I just lost interest in the fighting and greed for gold. Pirates, adventure, high seas, yay. Long John Silver is such a curious, creepy character did you know he can run around on one leg and attack people? Here's the thing that bugged me right from the beginning: this kid Jim, lives with his parents at an inn. An old pirate comes and terrorizes their inn, his father dies of illness, scoundrels come after the pirate, murder is committed there, and what does Jim do? He goes off to chase after gold, leaving his widowed mother behind. Why did she let him go? I don't get it.

Abandoned                    229 pages, 1914

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  1. I have this one lined up to listen to from VibriVox after I finish with Uncle Tom's Cabin. I find its easier to do classics in audio than trying to read them - but it takes 10 times as long to get through them *lol*

  2. Well, I hope you enjoy it! I never thought about listening to books taking longer than reading them; for some reason I thought it would be quicker, since you can do something while you listen.


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