Jan 30, 2008

Indian Summer

by John Knowles

I picked this book up months ago at the Book Thing, because I love A Separate Peace (same author). This one is about a young man returning home from war, where he was a bomber. He wants to learn to fly airplanes (instead of just ride in them), and establish a cargo airline between Washington State and Alaska. And he always liked the idea of farming, so he starts out by learning to fly a crop-duster plane... I read twenty pages and just found it dull. The character and his story did not interest me. Nothing rose off the page or tickled my mind with wordplay. Moving on, I opened The Years of Rice and Salt. Now I've got something in my hands I can't put down!

Abandoned ...0/5... 243 pages, 1966


  1. Peace Breaks Out is the sequel to A Separate Peace. While not as enchanting as the original, it is a good read.

    A Separate Peace is one of my all time favorites.


  2. Hmm, maybe I'd have better luck trying Peace Breaks Out. The title sounds awful familiar though, which might mean I did once and ditched it.

    Thanks for the blog link!

  3. I again with your words about Lying Awake. It was almost like poetry. Thanks for the comment! ~ L

  4. Anonymous1/31/2008

    Your post got me curious as I'd never heard of this American writer before. I looked him up and he has quite a long list of publications - I'm curious now to try one of them. Would you recommend starting with A Separate Peace, it seems to be his most famous.

  5. Verbivore- I would definitely recommend starting with A Separate Peace. From all accounts I've read, I believe it is his best work.

  6. Anonymous1/31/2008

    A Separate Peace is a gem of a book. But even Peace Breaks Out did not have the same poignant charm. And I'd never heard of the one you mentioned.

    I'm glad you found one you liked better:)


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