Jan 4, 2008

The Monday Horses

by Jean Slaughter Doty

This book is sure to please any young horse lover. It's about a young girl whose horse gets injured while riding past a large show stable. They take in her horse in for the duration of his recuperation, and the girl stays too, working in the stable to defray costs of her horse's boarding and be involved with the horses. Eventually she finds herself training and riding horses in shows. But it's not all as glamorous as she'd dreamed. The show horses often change hands when their owners sell them, and she has to face parting with several horses she has come to love. An easy, enjoyable read, The Monday Horses is full of details about horses and the world of horse shows. It doesn't shy away from the darker side of the show ring, especially that of drugging horses to affect their performance...

Rating: 3/5              166 pages, 1979

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