Jan 7, 2011

Real Birth

Women Share Their Stories
by Robin Green

I read this book last time I was pregnant, but I remember it being one of the ones I enjoyed. I like reading about other people's real-life experiences, it's so refreshing after going through instruction-type books that just tell you what to do, to read instead about women who've actually been through it and how they felt about things. Real Birth contains thirty-six stories, and no two are alike. The women are from all different backgrounds and live in varying circumstances: wealthy and poor, urban and rural, first-time moms and those who've been through it before. They have varying viewpoints on birth: some go to the hospital, others have their babies in birthing centers or at home, and yet others find themselves in unexpected places! I appreciated that it wasn't a book full of feel-good stories; some of the women didn't plan on getting pregnant and felt ambivalent about having a baby. Others struggled with complications, cesarean and even stillbirths. But it all felt very honest and real, and the universal theme, the wonder of birth and motherhood, makes it a strong collection.

Rating: 3/5 ........ 227 pages, 2000

anyone else read this book?


Bybee said...

I wish I'd known about this book a few months ago...one of my friends recently gave birth for the first time at 38.

Jeane said...

Another good one in the same vein is Pregnancy Stories