Jan 17, 2011

Laughter and Tears

the Emotional Life of New Mothers
by Elisabeth Bing and Libby Colman

Written by a psychologist and the childbirth educator credited with introducing the Lamaze method to the US, this book deals with the emotional highs and lows of new motherhood. It is organized in stages, describing what new mothers might expect to experience during the first few hours after birth, the first several days with a newborn, the first six weeks and on up to a year. Discussed are not only the joys of being a new mom but also the stress, ambivalence and emotional turmoil that can accompany it, including things like feeling uncertain, changes in roles with your marriage partner, anger and frustration, etc. There's lots of helpful information on how to handle difficult emotions and when to recognize that you need help (such as in the case of postpartum depression). While most of the book is rather dry and clinical reading (I actually found it kind of boring) some quotes by new mothers sharing their own experiences help make it more personal and let new moms know that whatever they're experiencing, they're not alone. Laughter and Tears is a good resource to have.

Rating: 3/5 ....... 276 pages, 1997


carolsnotebook said...

It's a shame it was boring. It sounds like it could really be helpful. New mother's can experience so many different emotions.

Bookfool said...

Boring is bad. LOL I could probably have used a book like that, though. I'm pretty sure I had a big, bad case of postpartum depression after my first child. It took a good 2 years to get through and I still wonder why my husband didn't just haul me in to a doctor and ask what to do about the nightly tears.