Dec 27, 2010

New Authors complete!

I think I've just squeaked by in finishing the New Authors Challenge. I thought at first I hadn't read enough books because I wasn't keeping good track of them. Most of my reading seems to have been non-fiction and memoirs this year and all these new-authors are supposed to be novels, but some of these are juvenile fiction, YA or fantasy, so I'm not sure if they count? Others are written by authors that only have one book published; but I'm eager to read what they write next!

The new authors I read were (links to the books I read by them):

Susanna Clarke
Cormac McCarthy
Cressida Crowell (four books by her)
Shaun Tan (two titles)
Alexander McCall Smith
David Wroblewski
T.C. Boyle
Sandra Cisneros
Neil Gaiman
Philippe Lechermeier
Harriet Scott Chessman
Eva Hornung
Paige Dixon
Alan Garner
Markus Zusak

Which of these authors have you read? Which do think I ought to try more of, even though they didn't thrill me on the first read? My favorites were Susanna Clarke, Cressida Crowell (can you tell?), Shaun Tan, Eva Hornung and Markus Zusak. I definitely want to read more by them!

Edit on 12/29/10: I made a mistake in my tally here. I actually read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell at the end of 2009, thus the Susanna Clarke doesn't count and is crossed off my list. So I guess I didn't really finish this challenge after all. Blah.


bermudaonion said...

Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Long live Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, a novel by Susannah Clarke. Definitely a favorite!