Mar 12, 2010

Four Horses for Tishtry

by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Here's a book I read a many years ago, as a child browsing in the public library. It's about a girl in Roman times who is a slave. Her dream is to save up enough money to buy her family's freedom. She works as a performer, driving and riding horses. As her skills improve, she passes through the hands of several different masters, until she finds herself about to perform for Nero himself in Rome. In an effort to make the best show ever, she attempts more complicated and dangerous stunts with the horses, doing things no one has ever tried before, even going against the advice of her trainer. Teaching herself dangerous new skills is not the only obstacle to freedom; she also runs up against corrupt and dishonest people, including her own master. I seem to remember that she wanted to buy the horses and own them herself, but I'm not clear on that. Has anyone else read Four Horses for Tishtry? I'd love it if you could remind me of some of the other details!

Rating: 3/5 ........ 218 pages, 1985


Chandra said...

Sounds like some pretty interesting YA historical fiction! I love running across old books that I remember from my youth!

Jeane said...

Me too.