Jan 13, 2021


1,000 piece puzzle by Peter Pauper Press. Illustration by Stephanie Law. I really like the picture- it has a very soft, dreamy quality compared to most of my puzzles. Also a non-glare surface which is so nice to work with. Just one odd thing- the bottom edge of the picture looks like it was copied in pieces and added on to make the image larger (probably to fit the puzzle size). It looks hastily done, and I'm not the only person who noticed- other reviews online mention this. Regardless, still a lovely puzzle that I enjoyed time with. 

Assembly sequence (click to view larger and skip through)


  1. I guarantee you that any puzzler worth a grain of salt is going to notice the kind of duplication you mention here. All those hours of studying the image by slowly reconstructing it ensures that you are not going to miss any details. Don't know what the puzzle company was thinking by pulling that one.

    I learned more about the famous American Gothic painting by putting together a 1000-piece puzzle than I would have ever noticed by staring at it for hours.

  2. That really is a lovely puzzle.

  3. That's a gorgeous puzzle! Weird about the bottom edge though.


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