Jun 1, 2018

The Cats' House

by Bob Walker

I'd heard of this house, but it's something else to see it described in text and many pictures. The author and his wife have a family of beloved felines- nine cats at the time the book was written- and they decided to give their cats space above their heads by creating walkways near the ceiling in several rooms and down a main hallway. With cutouts for the cats to pass between rooms at height, secret hideaways inside closets where walkways meet at small hubs, a floor-to-ceiling climbing post, customized staircase and ramp at different locations to let the cats gain their heights. It is all very whimsical and fun (although personally I don't care for the bright, gaudy colors but it fits in perfectly with this couples' decorative choices and their extensive collection of Mexican folkart). Their cats certainly look very happy in the pictures. I'm dubious how many cat owners would literally remodel their homes like this just to provide some entertainment and security for their cats, but in case you're inclined to try, the author offers some tips for design and construction. Fun, quick read.

Borrowed from the public library.

Rating: 3/5      92 pages, 1996

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