Mar 29, 2015

The Dangerous Book for Dogs

a parody
by Joe Garden, Janet Ginsburg, Chris Pauls, Anita Serwacki, Scott Sherman

Just the kind of light-hearted, amusing read I needed. A book of instructions pitched to dogs themselves, it includes advice on things like how to defend territory from the mailman, drive dinner guests from the house (with great subtlery), select the best shoes for chewing, get out of and destroy stupid costumes and train the owner to feed you when you want. The dogs' viewpoint on sharing a household with cats and the inevitability of bathtime (horrible but still vastly preferrable to visiting the groomer) were hilarious. Also pretty amusing were the doggy advice on how to woo a female in heat and why humans disdain the lovely odors of fresh dead carcasses and feces, but won't share drinks from their toilet bowl. In between the advice and instructions, there are tidbits on famous dogs in history and literature, most of which I found rather inane. But the one about the dog fighting a toaster was pretty funny.

Rating: 3/5         192 pages, 2007


  1. This sounds like something my boys would love. Is it OK for children?

  2. Jackie- I would read it yourself first, and see what you think. There is lots of stuff about dogs eating poop and sniffing butts- which I'm sure kids will find funny- but also about dogs humping "bitches" and people's legs, which might be inappropriate.

  3. OK. Thanks for the advice!


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