Mar 2, 2015


the Beastly Abuse of Human Rights
by Kathleen Marquardt

This book is an opposing voice to animal-rights extremists. Using public quotes from animal-rights activists themselves and revealing machinations behind nonprofit organizations that claim to help animals, the author points out how absurd and harmful to mankind some animal-rights agendas can be, plus how money raised by some big-name organizations doesn't actually do anything to help animals at all. Funds not ending up where you think they should. People purporting to defend animals who use violent methods like bombing buildings and shooting at hunters. How activists stall research efforts that are working to help mankind by advancing medical science (not all research labs are poorly run or treat animals badly). She makes the case that animal-rights people are so for animals that they deliberately do things harmful to people, and that they would ban pet ownership altogether. And so on. Some of the arguments seem poorly put together, I am not sure how much of the quotes to believe- I'm sure they could all be found in public record, but guess that probably a lot are taken out of context to make their viewpoints seem more extreme. It's one of those books you really have to read with a lot of skepticism. A different take on everything. The author's voice comes across as pretty angry and judgmental throughout. This book is out of print. I read it some years ago.

Rating: 3/5        221 pages, 1993

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