Nov 14, 2013

Triple Dog Dare!

I'm signing up once again for C.B. James' TBR Dare, which runs from january through the first of april. I will truly be disappointed if this is the last year he hosts the Dare. I have enjoyed participating each year, and it gives me a little more motivation to try and clear some space on my shelves. Last count (using my librarything catalog) I have 240 books on my shelves that I haven't read yet. That's plenty for four months' reading!

The whole point, in case you haven't run across the TBR Dare before, is simply to read only books off your own shelves (or library reserves, it's pretty flexible) for the first four months of the year. You can sign up here at Ready When You Are, CB- if you dare!

* note added: I will be sticking to the rule of reading books already in house, making exception for the library books I read with my children


  1. Thanks for joining in this year and for giving us a plug here. I do think this will be the last year for the TBR Triple Dare; I'm hoping to get a good crowd of participants. I've even looking into getting t-shirts made. Seems to me it ought to be possible with technology what it is today...

  2. James- You're welcome! I hope you get a lot of people to sign up. T-shirts would be very cool, and entirely possible I think.


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