Apr 4, 2013

Dare complete!

I made it all the way this time, finishing the Double Dog Dare in April. I'm actually still reading the last two books I picked out from the many (a hundred-plus) books that line my to-be-read shelves. I read a total of thirteen books, and abandoned two. Of those fifteen books, seven were put up for swap, six shelved with my permanent collection, and one doesn't count because I borrowed it from the library (it had been sitting waiting to be read at my bedside for weeks, so I figured it would count). The last book I'm not sure if it disqualifies me or not; when I traveled recently to visit my family, my sister (who also traveled to get there) had brought along a book she noticed was on my TBR list, for me to borrow. I read it during the vacation.

So the Dare really only cleared seven book-spaces off my shelf, and since a lot are stacked on the floor right now, it's not a visible difference. But I really discovered some treasures I didn't know I had. My favorite was The Loon Feather. Close behind was Bodach the Badger. The rest were pretty good, too.

Thanks to C.B. James for hosting the Dare again this year! I'm glad I did it, but anxious now to get to the library. I've seen lots of interesting books on the shelves when I take my kids there, the past three months, but refrained from borrowing any. Until now!


  1. Well done you! I keep intending to do this and then not doing it -- I always rebel when I assign myself a reading plan. :p


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